(c) Jason Platt 2016

Okay… so here is my Prince story.

It was June 21st 1997 when I was driving to my home in Moine, IL. I was picking something up before meeting up with some friends later on. As I was passing by the Jewel Osco I couldn’t help but notice that there was a long white stretch limo parked right along the curb.

I thought, “That’s strange, why would anyone around here have a limo… let alone where you needed to do a pit stop at the Jewel Osco?”

A second later it came to me.

Prince had a concert that night at the Mark.

“Holy Crap, It’s Prince!”

Without a second thought I turned the car around and parked in the nearly deserted parking lot. I started to walk up to the door when a large burly man in a dark suit and sunglasses calmly, yet firmly, held up a hand.

“Can’t go in there.”

“What’s going on?”

“Prince is in there.”

I knew it! I was right!

So they had kicked everyone who was in there out. I, along with about five other people, camped right by his limo and waited for him to inevitably come out.

About ten minutes later the automatic doors swung open and guarded by two other burly men in suits was Prince himself with a beautiful woman on his arm.

We all whooped and whoo-hooed as he came out. He kept his cool, but gave a little smile and lifted his hand slightly in a little wave. And soon enough the was back in his limo and drove off. All of us were all smiling and couldn’t believe what had just happened.

I got in the car, picked up my stuff, and met up with my friends. And proceeded to tell them that I just saw Prince.

I always imagined that he stopped in for some Hostess Cupcakes.

I may be wrong.