My friend Jon Esparza of has this great event that he hosts on his site called the Crazy Cartoon Experiment (other wise known as the CCE), where he will come up with a theme and ask fellow cartoonists to do their take on said theme. This Crazy Cartoon Experiment is the seventh one so far and this idea was given to him by Tim Green of the series.

And the theme? Taking your cartoon characters and making them as hot air balloons in a Thanksgiving parade.

So here’s my take on it for all of you.

Little inside jokes for you. The fox on the upper left hand corner is Jon Esparaza’s Bubble Fox ( and the one on the top right is Tim Green’s Vinnie. I thought they would get a kick out of the cameos.

This originally appeared last week on Jon’s website, but am now putting it on the Mister & Me site for all my fans (I realize I’m probably being really hopeful by making the word ‘fan’ plural. One can hope, huh? 🙂 .

I hope that this rare Mister & Me in color will tide you over all of you over for now. Hang on a little more tighter, I’m gearing up for some new ones soon.

Stay tooned.