Welcome to the Mister & Me website!  Frankly, it’s been a long time coming.  I realize that many of you will already have read most of these early comics before, but it would be a shame to not post the ones that have lead to what I’m working on now.


As you could tell from the comic above, we are headed back through time.  So hop on board (cardboard that is) and come along as we head back, retrace our steps and see how we got here today.  We will travel back and see Mister & Me’s humble beginnings and awkward structure (as you will see, word bubbles didn’t stick around too long), and eventually we will catch up together and continue on in our space-time-continuum of adventures.

It’s easy to look back and see where you were, but it’s pretty exciting to see where it will all lead to.

For many of the fans of Mister & Me, retracing your way through might seem a bit redundant, but I wouldn’t want to start this adventure without seeing where it has all come from.


Strap yourselves in, check the plutonium and flux capacitor because here we go!