Every comic strip has a punchline.  That’s one of the reasons why we all read comics.  To glance at your favorite ones and get a chuckle out of it (I fully admit though that there were more than one Far Side’s that left me with that dull confused look on my face, because the joke was way beyond me). I wanted to have those same little chuckles as well, but I also wanted to show a splash of what real life is like.  To show what some families are going through. 

Mister & Me isn’t a comic that is privy to only single fathers.  I believe that anyone can empathize with the characters, regardless of gender or marital status.  Mister & Me might be a story about a single dad and his little boy, but that doesn’t mean that the feelings here aren’t universal.

Sometimes a comic doesn’t need the punchline to be a joke, sometimes it can just be a feeling.